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Budget Planning and Development Process

Budget planning and development for the Jericho Union Free School District is an integral part of our strategic planning. The annual operating budget must effectively express and implement the programs and activities of our school district. Budget planning is a year-round process involving participation of district-level administrators, principals, directors, coordinators, teachers, and other personnel. The process of budget planning and development allows for community input and provides opportunities for the public to obtain information and provide feedback during the budget work sessions.

During October and November program directors and curriculum associates develop and submit budget requests for their particular areas of responsibility after seeking the advice and suggestions of staff members. The principals develop and submit budget requests for their particular schools in conjunction with the advice and suggestions of staff members and their own professional judgment. Each school’s budget request represents the principal’s recommendation as to the most effective way to use available resources in achieving progress toward the approved educational objectives of the school. Program budgets and building budgets also reflect state and/or federal requirements as well as district objectives and priorities. Each building principal and/or program director presents his/her budget requests to the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendents in accordance with the timeline established in the school budget calendar.

Central office administration consolidates the requests from the building principals and program managers, reviews enrollment projections, predicts staffing patterns, and considers economic conditions, contractual obligations, and potential program enhancements in order to provide the board of education and the community with a proposed budget that reflects the educational priorities of the school district. The board gives consideration to the budget requests and reviews the budget for its consistency with the district’s educational priorities. The board of education review is conducted in three workshops prior to the annual budget hearing.

At the public hearing the superintendent presents to the voters the budget for the upcoming school year. The 2004 public hearing on the school budget for 2004–2005 will be on Tuesday, May 11 at Jericho High School. The budget is then presented to the voters for their approval at the annual election and vote to be held on Tuesday, May 18 in the Jericho High School gymnasium from noon to 10:00 p.m.