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Science and Technology Education

Department Goals

The science instructional program in the Jericho Public Schools is a sequential k–12 continuum that provides the students with challenging, age-appropriate learning experiences in the life and physical sciences.  Instruction at all levels includes thorough exposure in the subject matter and its historical development, as well as training in the related process and research skills.

The following are the primary goals of Jericho’s science program:

  • To foster positive attitudes about science and the important role it has played throughout history and will play in the future.
  • To prepare students for the rigors of university study in the sciences and for the careers they will pursue afterwards.
  • To encourage students to become informed, participating citizens who will be able and willing to not only discuss science-related issues intelligently, but will also strive to become involved in them.
  • To promote and maintain safe laboratory environments at all levels by facilitating the implementation of related laws and regulations, and by disseminating this information to all students and employees.
  • To provide access to the latest instructional resources and professional development opportunities for all science teachers.

Description of Programs

Kim Libertini


Kim Libertini

Curriculum Associate for Science and Technology Education

516-203-3600 ext. 3238