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The mission of the Jericho School District, success for every student, requires that the district create an educational system that has as its focus the best interests of each individual student. The district is committed to providing an array of programs, opportunities and services that will support all students as they endeavor to meet the challenges of excelling in a rigorous academic curriculum, communicating in an environment of respectful social interaction and developing their interests and talents. To this end, the Jericho Board of Education has adopted the following goals:

  • To support a diverse learning community that meets the needs of all students by offering a broad, challenging, and engaging curriculum and by enhancing educational partnerships. 
  • To provide students with the knowledge, skills and support to become college and/or career ready and productive global citizens.
  • To help each child live an emotionally balanced life by teaching skills and strategies to be resilient and identify the causes of and reduce stress.
  • To unify our diverse community in a manner that respects all differences and to encourage meaningful and compassionate communication and collaboration.

As a district, we have expanded research and application of best practices to enhance instruction and curriculum; provided opportunities for professional development for staff; and incorporated elements of best practice into curriculum development. By offering a wide array of learning opportunities, programs and courses, we have ensured opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, collaboration and creativity as part of their school experience and provided for effective use of technology and real-world application of knowledge and skills. At the same time, the district has expanded SEL initiatives to build social/emotional resilience in students by conducting school climate surveys; developing school-based programs; and incorporating social and emotional development into the educational curriculum. Finally, we have endeavored to foster communication with and participation of all constituents of the school and larger community. Our district is fortunate in having talented and dedicated professional staff that is committed to the success of our students and who value opportunities to analyze data and reflect upon professional practice in order to continually improve program.

For a general review of Jericho curricula offerings, instructional practices, and assessment information, please see the subject areas below.

Dr. Ivy Sherman

Dr. Ivy Sherman
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

(516) 203-3600 ext 3256