2018 STEAM Day Workshops

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2018 STEAM Day Workshops

1.  Eye Spy-Exploring Interactions Between the Brain and The Eye WORKSHOP IS FULL AND UNAVAILABLE
Do you see the cup or faces?  Do you see a young lady or old woman?  These two classic optical illusions demonstrate the way the brain and the eye work together to give us sight.  In this session, we will explore those interactions and then dissect a preserved cow eye to reveal the internal structures that transmit images to the brain.  

2. Cookie Mining
This hands on activity allows students to explore the recovery of coal, as well as the reclamation of mine site.  Working in teams, you will become a mining company. Your company wants to mine as much coal (chocolate chips) from your mine (cookie) as possible.

3. Come Save the World!
In 1968, a scientist by the name of Dr. Garrett Harden coined the concept called the “Tragedy of the Commons”, a problem that occurs when a resources; such as the ocean, food, water, and air are shared by many people. In this workshop, we will learn how to balance need and solve the world’s ecological problems.

4. Want to Build a Worm Farm?

Learn about the benefits of vermicomposting (a method of composting with the use of earthworms) in reducing your food waste production, creating an all-natural fertilizer for plants, and improving the environment by reducing methane emissions. Following a brief presentation discussing these benefits, assemble and learn how to maintain your own worm bin in a vermicomposting workshop to start composting food waste once you get home!

5. Amazing Amphibians!

Have you ever wondered how a tadpole turns into a frog? Come and learn about Metamorphosis as you create an amazing clay diorama of the life cycle of amphibians. This exciting hands on workshop will include an up close visit by some live amphibian friends!

Let your creations come to life with Squishy Circuits as you light them up with LEDs, make noises with buzzers, and spin with the motor. Squishy Circuits use conductive and insulating play dough to help you explore the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way.

7. Energizing Transformations WORKSHOP IS FULL AND UNAVAILABLE
Explore the science of energy as we learn about how energy is transformed and transferred! Discover how to create electrical circuits which transfer electrical energy into other forms of energy! Be "transformed" as we combine science and engineering to design and construct your very own WIGGLE-Bot-which will be yours to keep and enjoy!

Race to the finish line with balloon-powered racecars and Newton’s laws of motion. You will build, design, and test a prototype car. Then, explore how changes to the wheels, body, and balloon alter performance. At the end of our session, you will compete in a racecar challenge for maximum speed and distance.  Come join us and think like a racecar champion!

9. Dino Dig!
Students will experience what it's like to be an Paleontologist as they excavate to find remains of dinosaurs. Students will attempt to assemble the remains in order to identify the type of dinosaur they uncovered.  

10. Shrink Dinks
Do you love art?  Do you also love science? Create artwork on flexible sheets of plastic that, when popped in the oven, will magically shrink down to approximately 1/3 their original size. You will leave this workshop with a key chain of your own design.

Have you ever seen a lava lamp? They are GrOoOoVy! Gobs of wax move through lit water to create a psychedelic visual wonder. In this workshop, we will use oil and water to create our own wax-less lava lamps that can be taken home and used over and over again!

12. Science Olympiad - Building a Bridge WORKSHOP IS FULL AND UNAVAILABLE
The Science Olympiad offers tournaments in hands-on, designing and inquiry-based events.  Take the challenge and come find out what Science Olympiad is all about!  This year’s event: Bridge Building!

13. Painting with Pendulums & Magnets
Learn about the forces of motion and gravity with the new artistic technique: Pendulum Painting! With only a few recycled items and some paint, you can create an awesome abstract masterpiece! We’ll also explore how different types of metal objects and magnetic forces can be used to create colorful designs! Join us and find out what types of amazing paintings you can create; the possibilities are endless!

14. Programming with Scratch!
Scratch is an interactive program designed to introduce the basics of coding while allowing creativity. Working on the computer, you will be able to create your own stories, games, and animations or work on an existing project. According to Steve Jobs, “everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think.”

Did you ever wonder how hot chocolate, soda or milkshake machines work?  Join us and work as a food chemist and a chemical engineer as we design, construct, and test a machine that can mix up a cup of hot chocolate!

16. Catapults with the Girls in Engineering
In this activity led by the High School Girls in Engineering club, students will work in groups to create a catapult from Popsicle Sticks. They will design and build their catapult in order to produce the best results. The students will have a great time launching mini marshmallows across the room while learning about potential and kinetic energy and the engineering design process. The activity will be fun, engaging, and the students will learn science and engineering in the process. Group work and problem solving are at the heart of these challenges.

17. Create a Fruit-powered Night-Light or Clock   WORKSHOP IS FULL AND UNAVAILABLE
In our own laboratory, students will assemble their own fruit battery and use it to power a night-light or digital clock. Using a voltmeter, we will take measurements to determine which fruits make the most effective batteries for each application. Literally, there is a fruit salad of possibility!  All materials will be provided, and every child will be able to take home their useful creation.


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