Parent University Fall 2017

PTA Council Presents: Parent University

October 24, 2017

Jericho Middle School Library 7 PM



Workshop #1 – Meet the Board of Education: Stop by this workshop, which will only run during the first session, to learn what the roles and responsibilities of a board member are. The Board will also discuss the difference between the different meetings (exec, work sessions, and public sessions) and talk about some of the common practices, including policies.

Presenters: Members of Jericho’s Board of Education

For information on the Board of Education, including agendas, minutes, Board Notes, and the Policy Manuel, please click here

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Workshop #2 – What is a Curriculum Associate: Who are the curriculum associates?  What are their roles?  Meet the curriculum associates; learn about what they do; and have the opportunity to ask questions about curricula areas.

Presenters: Barbara Bauer and Curriculum Associates Kati Behr, Brian Cummings, Helene Kriegstein, John Mankowich, Elaine Margarita, Daniel Salzman and Eric Sundberg

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Workshop #3 – Special Education Department: The Pupil Personnel Department/Special Education Department is so vast and covers so much. Have you ever wondered what co-teaching is, what all of those acronyms mean (CSE, IEP, 504) and what support services are available? Join members of PPS for an overview of department roles and responsibilities, the continuum of special education programs and services, and student-transition planning at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Presenters: John Castronova, Joseph Sapienza, Kim Conger, and Jeff Baum
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Workshop #4 – Psychologists and Social Workers: What are the Roles of the District's Psychologists and Social Workers: Each school has a full time psychologist and the middle school and high school also each has a full time social worker. Stop by this workshop to learn what their responsibilities are and how they are involved in daily educational discussions that sustain the well-being of your child.

Presenters: Members of the district’s psychologist and social worker team


Workshop #5 – Technology and How it is Used in the District: Stop by to learn how the schools are using social media and other forms of technology for various things such as report cards, grades, and homework. Canvas and PowerSchool will also be discussed.

Presenters: Linda Alesi, Joan Rosenberg, Don Gately, Benny D’Aquila, Gina Faust and Ivy Sherman